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Who We Are

Improve your Quality of Life.

Better Fit Training strives to bridge the gap between exercise and daily life.  Creating better movement patterns is our biggest goal with each client as we seek to improve the health and quality of our community.  If we can move better, we can feel better, and we can live happier.  

The Cofounder of BFT and Director of Training, Droany Madera has a dedication and commitment to his work as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and seeks to change the work environment for Nurses by equipping them with the strength and movements they need to endure and sustain a lasting career and a healthy life as a healthcare provider.  If you are a Nurse or healthcare provider, get started with us to build strength and community.


What People Say

There is not another trainer in my opinion, that offers the knowledge, attention, and dedication to clients that Droany provides.  He does this with patience, by example and direction. He has helped me repair my injured body, regain strength while protecting the injured area, using a seemingly infinite number of exercises, movements, both simple and complex. He created workouts for me while on crutches, in a boot, and in a cast, and workouts for the beach and for hotel rooms while on business trips.  It is because of Droany that I am more fit than my friends; in fact, more fit than my children!


I’ve had a long history in fitness from a phase taking only barre class, to running, or taking spin classes. I’ve even worked with several trainers for long periods over the years. However, 4 years ago I had to stop working out altogether for more than a year due to a debilitating bout of sciatica. It was really difficult getting started again and I was noticeably weaker on one leg than the other. I needed someone with deep professional expertise to help me get stronger and fitter again, to light a fire under me, and Danielle was the perfect resolution. I began working with Danielle a year ago. She’s truly among the best! What makes her so special – in addition to her deep
professional knowledge – is her strong commitment to her clients’ fitness goals. Danielle is really invested in bringing her A game to each workout and makes me want to bring mine as well. She’s dedicated to ensuring that her clients get the most from their exercise sessions and progress to the next level of fitness – in a safe manner.

With Danielle I saw quick improvements in strength, lost fat, and definitely get fitter. An additional bonus was a noticeable improvement in strength on the side where I experienced my sciatica. I never thought I’d be able to run again – but after training with Danielle I can easily run distances. More importantly, I enjoy it! It’s been amazing to see the steady improvements to my health and fitness in just one year. Danielle is extremely reliable, important in my book, and her professional training gives me confidence to accept her advice.  You will love and respect her for the commitment she has to you and your goals. She will get the best out of you because you will want to please her. She might even give you goals you hadn’t thought of before!


Since I suffer from a severe movement disorder, my ability to walk depends on my strength, flexibility and balance. Droany has worked wonders in helping me to improve in all of these areas.  He is a dedicated and caring professional who continually finds creative ways to challenge me.   December 2016, I underwent open-heart surgery. I cannot imagine how difficult my recovery would have been if Droany had not worked
with me before my operation. I now trust Droany to help me to regain the conditioning I lost.  I could not recommend him more highly.


Danielle has changed my life!! I feel healthy and motivated.  The differences are obvious to everyone who knows and loves me.  She has even inspired my nine year old to work out and build strength and confidence.  I recommend her to anyone who wants to train to be their best!


When I sought a trainer after recovering from a shoulder injury about five years ago, Droany Madera was recommended to me as one of the best trainers.  As a former medical reporter and author of an exercise book with Renée Daniels (Straighter, Stronger, Leaner, Longer, Avery, Penguin group, 2005), I knew I wanted to work with a knowledgeable and experienced trainer, and was immediately impressed by Droany’s expertise. He was very well informed about all aspects of fitness, medical exercise and anatomy and was patient and meticulous in training me. Working with him over these past years has been an education and a pleasure. I have learned a great deal from Droany and my alignment, strength and function have improved dramatically. I am very grateful to him.


Through the years, i have worked with a lot of trainers and coaches. I'm 53 years old and have been running for 40 years, so i have a lot of experience with athletic trainers. In all my years of training, i have never been moved to write a note like this. Danielle is smart, committed, supportive, warm and always reading up so she can find new ways to challenge me to meet my goals. our sessions are exhilarating, exhausting, challenging, and rewarding.”


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