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You Are Doing Great

Hey #fitfam

Here's a couple of things I've been thinking about during this time and I wanted to share them in hopes that it may help.

First, I want to tell you that you are doing great.

It's easy to be hard on ourselves right now... "I should be more productive", "I am so stressed with how much work I have", "I didn't do my exercise today", etc. So I'm here to tell you, you are doing great.

Many of us have been furloughed or let go from our jobs. Many of us are now working our jobs virtually, making it a completely different job.

Some of us are finding this time to be restful or resetting, after getting over the immediate shock of delayed/lost work. Some of us are having an overwhelming amount of work.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many people were exercising and doing happy hour zoom calls with friends, but as time goes on, it's very hard to keep the enthusiasm for the new found time. And the longer we stay in this virtual time, the more companies are figuring out what can be done from home and the more people are having to do from home.

So this note goes two ways.

1. For those of us who have a lot of time on our hands, remember to keep structure.

-If you are not an exercise enthusiast, it may be easier to watch a lot of TV. Make a plan... find a plan, call us- we'll help;) Keep a structure. Pick a project and map it out. If you aren't sleeping well, it may be because you need more exercise, so don't completely forget about it!

-If you are an exercise enthusiast, keep a structure and plan your rest. With ample time, now it will be easy to over do it. If you aren't sleeping well, it may be because you are overdoing it. Schedule your rest and stick to it.

2. For those of us who have more work than usual, find ways to differentiate the being home and being at work. Maybe that means to go outside and walk around the block as if you were going to work and then walking around the block to "come home". Maybe it is to schedule a twenty minute movement break from work. Make sure you are eating lunch. Talk to your support system and let them know what you need, and make sure to appreciate them when they help you.

These are hard times so for everyone, be sure to be easy with yourself. Take breaks and know that you are doing a good job. Everyone is doing their best, remember that. Remember that we are all going through this hard time. Take time for you, take time to be there for your support system, and reach out when you need help.

Just a small note for a big time.

Finish the week strong knowing that you are doing what you can, and remember that you are doing great.

Stay tuned for some Virtual Meditations and more Virtual Movement Sessions in our Events spot!

- Coach Kwo

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