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What Clients Need to Know About Training

Hey Better Fit Fam, what's up.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Today I wanted to discuss what is important for clients to know about the service of fitness training. Here are 8 key things to remember when working with Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer.

1. If you are in PAIN, you should not push through it.

Soreness, fatigue, stretch, or work is different than PAIN and the coach/trainer should ask questions to understand.

2. It is NOT customary to tip.

Although, end of the year bonus' are much appreciated!!

3. If your coach is talking 50% of the session, they are talking too much.

Mentioning the weekend or future plans is one thing. Your trainer/coach should not be distracted by telling you about their personal drama or experiences.

4. 24 hours Notice is the standard Cancellation Policy (as is ours)

...which is also why paying upfront for sessions is standard.

5. Unless you want to look like your trainer, your workout should not be the same as theirs.

Many times, trainers/coaches give clients the same workout they are doing, which may be inappropriate. If you do not have the same capabilities and goals, this will not get you to your goals.

6. Your workout should be Science or Evidence Based

To ensure the best quality trainer, you should work with someone who keeps up with education and information. Working with someone who is passionate about health and fitness and staying current and up-to-date on exercise science is important when working towards goals. Having good quality knowledge can be the difference between you getting to your goals.

7. Passive Stretching is NOT a mandatory service from a trainer/coach.

More and more, we are finding that passively stretching clients is not effective for getting to clients' goals.

8. You should feel good after every session.

And if you don't, you should get a different trainer/coach.

Reach out with any questions you may have, or comment on here if there are other things you look for in a health coach. Otherwise, keep these things in mind and have a great rest of the week!

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