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The Way in Which

Hey #fitfam

I've been a little MIA with my writing but today I wanted to discuss something that I personally think is overlooked. The way in which we eat is important for gut health and longevity.

My parents used to tell me, "No elbows on the table" and the reasoning was for etiquette purposes. However now, I think it's actually more than that. I think that creating a supportive environment for your body to digest food is one of the first things we can do to aid in good digestion.

When we put our elbows on the table, we turn off core muscles and hold ourselves up by more superficial and accessory muscles. Worse, if we're sitting on the couch or curled over the table, our organs collapse on top of themselves. How is our food supposed to be delivered through the intestines when they are squished? Same as water through a hose, by pinching a spot in it, the flow can literally be stopped.

Along with the actual pathway of digestion, sitting up tall requires deep core muscles and using those muscles conditions our posture. Making sure that we are breathing properly, and even taking some deep breaths before a meal can aid in better digestion. Plus, it never hurts to take a deep breath of thanks before eating;)

Another aspect to the way in which we eat, is our eating habits. Are you someone who is the last one to finish eating? Or the first one? I started noticing that I am a fast eater. Especially when I'm hungry, but also in general, I tend to be the first one finished. And usually by a lot. So I have been practicing to eat a little bit slower. Put my fork down more. Or offer some chit chat to the table. Or simply, take a deep breath.

Our satiety levels are typically affected by the food we eat after about twenty minutes. So in theory, it should take us about twenty minutes to finish a meal so that we understand how hungry we are feeling. If i scarf down my food in ten minutes, I will still feel hungry and I may overeat because I have underestimated how full I truly was.

Of course, there are the days where I may not have the privilege of eating as slowly or in the position that would serve me best. However, I try as best as I can to make it a priority because I do notice the effect my "how" has on my digestion.

Here's just a little for you to consider slowing down in your day in taking a minute to think about the way in which we eat.

Have a great week!

<3 Coach Kwo

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