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Hey #fitfam

I've been trying to keep up with this month's focus and it is hard!! I bought parsley for a rice I made and then realized, I have no idea how to actually use or garnish parsley unless a recipe specifically calls for it.

So today- we learn about Parsley!! Short and Sweet:


1. Lower blood sugar and decrease insulin resistance

2. Contains Vitamin K which improves Calcium absorption, leading to stronger bone health.

3. Contains fiber which improves digestion

4. Contains histamine inhibitors which hunts free radicals and prevents cancer.

5. Contains Folate (B9) which helps your body produce new cells (and maintain the existing ones), especially red blood cells

4. Relieves painful menstruation!


- Used easily with potatoes, grain based salads, or tomato-based sauces

- Cultivated in Ancient Greece

- Heavily used in Middle Eastern dishes, like tabbouleh

All in all, it has a distinctive taste, but isn't over powering so it's easy to add to many dishes and types of foods!

Happy Eating!

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