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Our First YouTube Workout!

Hey #fitfam !

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time, and maybe even revisiting old passions, or working on those projects that we just "needed time" to get to! I know I have!

Better Fit Training has been working on getting some virtual and remote options and content to keep you guys sane and fit (although it always takes me a second to get it out to you!)

So below is a link to a full workout that we have uploaded onto our youtube page! Be sure to subscribe and like the video! Try it out and let me know what you think!! Feel free to modify as needed- it's your body and it's your workout, we're just guides<3


5-8 Knee to Chest

3 Belly Down

5 Step Forward with Over The Top Reach


3 Walkout with Spiderman Lunge

10 Jumping Jacks

6 Crab Pose Shoulder Taps


8 Forward Lunge with Reach Back

6-8 Plank/Beast Shoulder Taps

8-10 Air Squats/Jump Squats


5-8 Beast Pose- Loaded Beast to Unloaded

5-8 SuperMans from the Tummy/Active Thoracic Extension

8 Lateral Lunges

3-5 Thread the Needle

Have a great day!

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