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Movement, Nutrition, and Regeneration

The Three-Legged Stool : Movement - Nutrition - Regeneration


Movement- to strengthen the muscular and skeletal system, improves circulation, and the energy conversion in cardiovascular training helps improve body function

Nutrition- to properly fuel your body and give it the resources it needs to perform optimally

Regeneration- the recovery and repair; sleeping to recover energy and rebuild muscle, resting to let your body fight infection or repair physical ailments,

How they work together

When people are discussing their plans to lose weight, it usually consists of how much they are exercising. Less people talk about their nutrition plans, and rarely do people talk about their sleep habits and hygiene.

If you eat well and move well (and often- what's up Functional Movement System), but do not sleep well, you won't rebuild muscle as effectively. If you sleep and eat well, your body won't feel as great as it should. If you sleep and move well, don't expect to change body composition so drastically.

Your body needs nutritious food to provide cells and bodily processes with the essential nutrients for it to run smoothly at a biological level. Your body needs sleep to have the appropriate amount of time to recover the physical demands, to fight off any foreign substances, and allow the Central Nervous System to relax and be ready for more!! The more stimulus your CNS is dealing with during the day, the more it needs quality sleep!

All three things are needed together to be at your best self- aesthetically, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Being the beginning of December, it's a great time to start thinking about this idea. Not just killing yourself in the gym, come January First. Not depriving yourself of every edible deliciousness. Definitely not by minimizing sleep to get your never ending To-Do List "done".

I challenge you to take December to make time and space for yourself to get in some good habits to CARRY OVER into the new year, not to "start as a clean slate".

1. When the clock hits __ (8pm), we put down what we're working on and the rest can wait until tomorrow. Now it's time to wind down, spend time with loved ones, talk about our day, enjoy a favorite TV show or book, steam in a hot shower, etc.

2. Plan more than just one workout that you are super motivated for- by signing up with our Online Training ( ) Don't give yourself a beat down because you're motivated!! Give yourself a great, smart workout to supplement the rest of what you are doing to be the best version of yourself!

3. Eat and enjoy a treat for yourself. No need to starve yourself or deprive yourself of everything that you enjoy. Not getting enough nutrients will not help you feel better about yourself- so eat enough but be mindful.

Start there and check back. I'm going to send some more thoughts about each leg of our stool individually! Have a great week!

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