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Hey #fitfam

Today, I spent some time looking up the benefits of other foods! So... to the cucumbers!!


Along with a delicious and easy-to-eat taste, cucumbers have so many nutrients!!! As I've said before, I'm trying to stay away from the nutrient side. Even though it is the nutrients that cause the benefits, which is why I mention them, I still want to focus on the types of food available to us so we can associate benefits with food and start to understand the nutrients from a well-rounded perspective... or at least that's the hope.


1. Plenty of Hydration- Cucumbers are the food with the highest water content, which helps keep us hydrated!!

2. Strong Bones- Cucumbers contain nutrients that work together (Vitamin K and Calcium) to help build strong bones.

3. Easy Digestion- Fiber in cucumbers helps with smooth digestion,manage cholesterol and helps fight against cancer.

4. Manage Blood Pressure and Sugar - Cucumbers (magnesium and potassium) can help prevent high blood pressure and have a low glycemic index, which helps get essential nutrients without overloading on glucose.

5. Anti-Inflammation - Reduce and minimize inflammation by ingesting or by contact. The anti-inflammation agents in cucumbers are effective even when placed on the skin.

Nutritional Content:

Adverse Effects

1. Some types of cucumbers are more difficult to digest, English cucumbers (most common) are the easiest;)

2. Too much cucumbers (Potassium or Vitamin K) can be dangerous to consume for blood clotting.

3. As with anything, careful of any allergies!!

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