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Mindset on Nutrition

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

The basic idea of nutrition is to fuel your body to keep it alive.

We need food to keep us alive, however, the food we give our bodies does have a drastic effect and is the paramount influencer on how are bodies function and look.

We happen to be living at a time where there are so many things that taste good. Not everything that has an enticing taste is good for our bodies but we are fortunate that we have enough options to get our essential nutrients in a meal that tastes great.

6 Essential Nutrients

- Protein

- Fat

- Carbohydrates

- Minerals

- Vitamins

- Water

For anyone that thinks that a ZERO _____ diet is the way to go, think again.

It's about balance.

We know this. It seems like many people get so caught up in their "rules" that they forget about what is happening in the bigger picture. Let's take carbohydrates for example.

Telling yourself that you are on a ZERO carb diet is really just to punish yourself.

Humans cannot live without carbohydrates; It is our immediate source of energy. So maybe you want to cut down on pasta, but there are carbohydrates are in other things that we don't think of as a "carb", like kale, avocado or zucchini. It's not the "carbohydrate" that isn't good, it's the quality or what is surrounding the carbohydrate Same thing with the hype of protein, but check back for a post solely on the Hype of Protein.

Being balanced in our way of thinking about our dietary intake is important for not only the health of our body and organs but also the health of our minds and the quality of our life. Cheating the (body) system, is only cheating yourself. Adding chemicals to the body is often harmful. And trying to do things the "easy" way or getting that quick fix isn't always sustainable and healthy.

Timing the Wave

Cycles occur naturally in the world and nutrition and our aesthetic are no different. It is easier to look better at certain times. Your body sheds fat more efficiently during certain times. And most importantly, you will not look your best ALL THE TIME.

Knowing when we want to look our best, and timing the wave is the game. They call it a peak for a reason, because it goes to a point and then comes back down. The more often you peak (with optimal recovery), the higher your average/"normal" self will be as well. You set a goal, work hard and smart, stick to the plan, and peak at a given time, and then you relax. Enjoy yourself and then repeat.

Expecting yourself to be at it's 100% all the time is not only NOT realistic, it's not possible.

But when you have an event or special occasion that you want to be at your peak for, now that is smart, realistic and best for your sanity, safety and overall well-being. Because when you set goals and achieve them, there is a self-satisfactory component that makes you look even better. And then of course there is a rest period, which always feels great and well-deserved.

Happy hump day Fitfam! Let's finish of the week strong!


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