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Meditation March

Hey #fitfam! Short and Quick today. If you're just joining us- welcome to the FitFam! I spent much of last year thinking about how I have been unbelievably productive in terms of tasks achieved, but struggled to identify priorities. So I structured my start to the decade to spend the year observing mindfulness... (check out more here -->

This year has already been a big year in many ways. For me, I'm definitely in a transitional phase which is big and exciting but also scary, and busy! There's many things to do and get done. Many details. Many people to check in with or ask that question. So many things. The universe is abundant... abundantly abundant!

Although I am so thankful to the universe and my higher power, and all the people who have been in my life, I am also very overwhelmed. I am feeling so surrounded by stimulus that it's been really hard to find any quiet. Funny how this month's prompt is meditation. I've been getting them in but with a sense of rushed urgency. There are so many things to do that I feel uncomfortable just being still. A sense of "wasting time".

Sometimes this has made me frustrated but I've been trying harder and harder to coach myself through it and then I feel better. I feel a sense of empowerment that I can handle it, or that I do know what's best for me, and that everything will be okay because at the end of the day I can take care of myself. It's really weird though and scary to let go of all the things that are stuffed up in my brain with layers of detail that I want so badly to give attention to!

The difficulty feels no different from February, of SIMPLY (but to easily) forcing myself to take time to take care of myself. And give myself 30 minutes of my day. Because I am so fortunate to live in a place where I am free to build my life how I desire and pursue happiness.

What have you noticed in meditation? What is something you find difficult in your practice?

Have a great day and rest of the week! Finish strong FitFam!

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