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Making Goals for the New Year

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Hey #fitfam,

I hope everyone's year is starting off with the best kind of bang. If you're like me, or around me, we've probably talked about goals for the new year. I think it's natural when the year is ending to reflect on it and then start fresh to move forward in the new year. And I honestly love the feeling of finishing something off and then starting something new.

This year, in 2021, I have definitely thought about what I want to accomplish and what my goals are; plus I've brought with me (from 2020) the practice of visualization. But I've also considered how different the beginning of this year is.. and it's the first one that is so different. My heart has been a little heavy for this and it has taken me a minute to see that. My life, like so many, has changed dramatically with the onset of COVID-19 and the beginning of this year has stirred up some of the painful parts or things that I miss and love dearly.

Even though I felt like I started the year strong, and had my reflections accounted for, intentions and goals set, plans in order, I still fell off here in this second week of the year.

Anyone else?

I heard this somewhere and forever I hold onto it because it always keeps me pushing one foot in front of other...

"It's not about never falling off, it's about how quickly you can get back on."

Recognizing that I am having a hard time and need to reevaluate my priorities and patterns is a good first step.

In the Artist Accountability group I am a part of, our moderator and my sister Chelsea often reminds us to set up our wins by creating goals that we will definitely succeed... our BARE MINIMUM.

Another consistent member of the group has coined the beloved term "F*CKIT BUFFER"(TM), which basically accounts for the 1-2 days/times we slip up, ensuring that we will still get to our goal. (With the intention of then setting up another small goal to advance us closer to our ultimate picture.)

Sometimes though, we set a goal where we didn't maybe realize that there are other goals that really need to be set and accomplished before the one we chose.

For example, this year, I intended on writing four times a month, shooting for every Monday.

Week two, and I have successfully written another blog post, but spoiler: it's not Monday.

Week two has already presented other things and challenges to be able to successfully blog and post on Mondays. This week, I have used up my F*ckit Buffer (TM), and although I have achieved the post this week, I feel like I will be starting behind for next week.

In order to successfully and sustainably reach this goal, I think that I actually need to be writing more often. My original goal of four posts a month is a results-oriented goal, which is awesome and a great goal but maybe not appropriate right now. To reach my goal of four posts a month consistently, my first goal will need to be writing more often, which is a habit-forming goal.

Here comes the honesty and awareness.

Although I have reached a Win (and even if I hadn't), I do not think that I can sustain this goal; so it's time to Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.

Let's say that I had not reached a Win on this week, which I have certainly made goals and then immediately didn't do anything towards. (It happens.) After two weeks of not achieving any part of the goal, it's time to change the goal. It's important to be honest about how much effort I truly can give towards what I say I'm going to do. It's no longer that I'm using my F*ckit Buffer (TM), it's now a goal that isn't appropriate at this time.

So thanks #fitfam for bearing with me on this blog and change of plans, but I will not be committing to four blog posts a month. I will be committing to writing two times a month.

I'm getting back on the track and moving forward.

It's easy to feel like a failure but it helps make me stronger when I think about the bigger picture. I am doing a lot of things and it's okay to back off of some things. It's okay to fall. It's okay to be sad or have tough days. It's okay to change direction. It's okay to pick myself back up and try again. And that helps remind me what Bob said, that 'every little thing is gonna be alright'.

For anyone who is having a hard time starting this year, like me, take a rest (and a deep breath), reevaluate and then push forward. Settle what is tough, feel what you feel, and then be like Aaliyah and 'dust yourself off and try again'. For me, thank you for waking up each day and trying my best, even through the hard days.

For anyone who is having a great start to the year- KEEP GOING!!!! It's freaking awesome that you're killing it already! Maybe it's been easy or maybe you've been making effort and changes, and I'm proud of you! Build in some rest days to make sure you don't burn out, and CELEBRATE YOUR WINS!!! Even/Especially the small ones, as Chelsea would say.

As always, let me hear your thoughts or feel free to send me topics to discuss!!<3

Have a great end of the week and a wonderful weekend.

<3 Coach Kwo

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