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How to Vet Your Fitness Coach

What's Up Better Fit Fam!?

So after the last post about training, I also wanted to talk about how to vet your fitness coach or personal trainer.

In my practice and in everything that I have learned about fitness, these are my opinions about vetting a trainer, and because I have been asked this before, I wanted to share:)

Because you are paying for a service, you have every right to ask questions to and about the trainer/coach who will be providing you service. Everyone is different and has come from different walks of life.

Things to Ask the Trainer/Coach About:

Training Philosophy-

Education- and this means more than certifications. What things is your trainer doing outside of their training? Do they keep up with information when there are no certifications attached?

Background/Experience- Sometimes this is the type of clientele experience. Or how long has the person been training or into fitness. And sometimes this is personal lifestyle. If you desire to be a morning person, you should get a coach who trains early mornings. Even if you don't want to train at that time, your goals and that trainer's recommendations will be more in line.

Things Good Trainers/Coaches Ask About:





Other things:

1. If you have specific restrictions, it is important to know that your trainer/coach is competent to handle those considerations.

2. Every day is a new day and your trainer/coach should check in with you before the workout to make sure that the planned workout is appropriate for that particular day.

3. Clients should certainly feel that their trainer/coach listens to and validates their concerns.

Hopefully this helps! But let me just save you some time and say that all of our Better Fit Training Coaches are excellent!!;)

Have a great week!

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