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Spices- Tumeric, Oregano, Cumin

Hey #fitfam I was just wanting a short and quick list to refer to to connect flavors to cuisines and some easy benefits. Below are some good ones!


- Strong and bitter flavor, from the ginger family*

- Native to Southeast Asia**

- Improves liver function***

- Boosts in metabolism, improving high cholesterol, hay fever, depression, gingivitis, premenstrual syndrome and even hangovers*

- "In Ayurvedic medicine, it is believed to act as an antiviral, antibacterial and antiparasitic, and has long been used to help with diabetes, pain, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, memory and skin conditions like eczema"*

- In mustard, which is my absolute favorite;)


- From the mint family+

- Greeks and Romans associated it with joy and happiness+

- Used heavily in Mediterranean cuisine+

- Fights Cancer and Bacteria+

- Anti-inflammatory and regulates blood sugar and lipids (fat)+

- Oil can be applied directly to the skin to help a variety of skin related issues or pain++


- Mediterranean origin, from the Parsley family^

- Helps regulate blood sugar and insulin and aids in weight loss^^

- Improves High Density Cholesterol^^

- Regulates bowel movement^^

- Improves memory, and decreases stress!!!^^

Feel free to add anything I missed in the comments to help me out!! Have a great day!








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