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New Year New Things!

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Whats' up? With some new viewers and members to the site, thanks for being here! My name is Danielle and I am the cofounder of Better Fit Training and the writer of this blog<3

We're already three weeks into January!! Can you believe it?!? It's a perfect time to check in with yourself as we get to the time where things start to pick up speed. Remember to breathe.

On another note...

It's a new decade and we're feeling empowered. This year, our site is going to include resources for health coaches as well! We're so excited that we have been able to partner with the JCC and provide monthly classes!

If you're a health coach or trainer and want to discuss some different topics, join us!!

First Pop Up class- 1/23/2020 (tomorrow- sorry last minute!) at 12pm-1:30

- on Consultation and Assessment

Stay tuned for the next class which will be on Program Design!

Happy Wednesday! Finish strong!

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