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Garlic, Onions and Shallots

Hey #fitfam !

I hope everyone is managing their situation well and having patience with themselves and loved ones. That's what I've been focusing on in this hard time! Taking care of yourself and checking on your loved ones. Because I've had so much time, I've been cooking (and eating) a lot but I have been just loving figuring out how to put a meal together from what's in the fridge! It's making it easier to understand what I like to eat and how I structure meals, and bigger, what I think are Must-Haves in the kitchen. I never had a list of Must-Haves... I mean, I still don't but I'm starting to see what might go on the list!!

Today, we're talking about the three biggest things I love to start with -Garlic, Onions, and Shallots. I find that when these things are in the fridge, I use them with pretty much every meal. So I wanted to understand more about them! Short and sweet to get me connected to the health benefits of these things!


-Technically an herb, used as food and flavoring but also used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

-The "Father of Western Medicine" Hippocrates used garlic as treatment for a variety of symptoms, including respiratory problems, digestion problems, parasites, and fatigue.

-It has also been linked to promoting health in the heart and blood system and used as treatment for conditions such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis.

-Garlic has also been a proven antibiotic in fighting a common intestinal infection. *


-Onions contain a high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and they are easy to add to food. They can be cooked in a variety of ways with a variety of foods and cuisines. They do not add many calories but are dense in nutrients.**

-Many benefits and associations reported are similar to Garlic. Onions provide many properties that help promote health in the heart and blood system, especially lowering blood pressure, as well as fight cancer and the formation of free radicals. In a double bonus, the benefits of onions may be supporting the repairing and maintenance of collagen, which helps the look of skin and hair!

-High in Vitamin C, Fiber, and Folic Acid***


-A member of the onion family but sweeter and not as bold in taste has similar benefits to onions and garlic (and leeks... I'm just not there yet #fitfam ).

-The two types of shallots are Jersey/"fake" shallots that are larger and more pungent in taste then the "true" type. ^

-High in Potassium. Vitamin A, and Folate

That's it for now friends, but if you don't use these things already- get into them! Maybe one day I'll have my own garden- getting dreamy and excited!

Stay healthy friends<3

Coach Kwo





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