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Better Fit Training

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Hi there! Thanks for coming to the site and checking out Better Fit Training!

My name is Danielle Kwoka and I am the co founder of Better Fit Training. My partner (and someone special) is Droany Madera and between the two of us, we have over twenty five years experience in fitness and training.

It's More Than Exercise

For us, fitness is truly a way of life. I want to be mobile until I die. I don't want to sit around all day, I want to live life. And living life, is an active pursuit, which we are after.

It's not about how can I make this easier, it's about how I can get stronger in this area.

Don't get me wrong- there are definitely times to rest. I'm not the "I'll sleep when I die" type person. We believe that good health is a balance between Movement, Nutrition, and Recovery, something we studied a lot during our time at Equinox.

Our training philosophy is to Improve Quality of Life and is based largely on functionality. Everything we do in our training sessions supplements the betterment of your overall health. Sometimes we need to train single leg to strengthen the hips to make it easier to get in and out of a car, or up and down the stairs. Sometimes we need to beat the hell out of something to let out some aggression from the week. And sometimes we just need to give our body some love and attention to help us recover.

We train all ages and skill levels, from the middle school age all the way up to the later years of life. We have trained a wide range of restrictions and special populations.

However, we also love to train athletes for sports performance. Coaching clients to reach for the stars and jump the hurdles to get there is exhilarating.

We expect our training sessions to be flexible and meet the clients where they are at on each training day.

We expect our training sessions to be part of a bigger plan to reach goals.

We expect our trainers to be professional, punctual, accessible, and reliable.

We expect our clients and trainers to respect one another.

So that's just a little about Better Fit Training. You can expect many topics including movement, nutrition, recovery, sports, vacations, travel, food, and who knows, maybe more so stay connected with me!

If you're interested in our services- Currently, we train in person in the NYC area but reach out for online training programs and rates! Start with us and find out how far you can go.

Happy Monday! Have a great week!

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