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A Little Note During the Holiday Season

As we approach some very joyous times, we also are encountering stress. This is not new to some, many, so here is a friendly reminder to take care of you during this holiday season.

Taking Care of You

Practicing stillness and patience during a chaotic and stressful time is so important to remember. No one benefits from panic or elevated emotions. So amongst the chaos, trying to find moments to take breathers and step back from situations are imperative to cherishing your holiday season.

In our house, we often discuss choosing happiness. We talk about how we want to be feeling “happy” more often then not. Sometimes we don’t get our way. Sometimes we are right. Sometimes we are wrong. When you look any given time period, these things are true and we have to be willing to accept that in order to not harbor resentment and being able to move on and have a good time.

Patience is a virtue, and especially for the Christmas holiday, it’s important to remember to be patient with others.

The self care in having patience, is protecting your energy. Patience is not only a way to show compassion for others during this time of giving, but it is also a way to show love for ourselves. Not allowing ourselves to spend any energy on anything other than our loved ones and enjoying our many blessings.

However, we must also have patience with ourselves.

We might not get all the things checked off the list. We might not be able to attend every party. We might have to stay up a little later to finish up some things. We might have to improvise, adapt, and overcome on certain days. We might feel overwhelmed.

Patience with ourselves includes carving time out for our self care. When we take care of ourselves, we can take care of others. Taking a step back when we need to, using it appropriately for rich self care and then pushing forward. You got this, we are in this together because we are all doing it side by side. And it’s important to remember that.

Remember to take a 3 minute breather when you're feeling most tense, anxious, and frustrated. Stretch your cat cows and open books in the morning and/or at night to relieve body tension. Have patience with your emotions to protect your energy- stress will come, sort through it by deciding what matters and then prioritize those things. Rest easy knowing that today you have accomplished many great things and tomorrow you will accomplish more! It will all get done, and ultimately- just your presence is really presents enough for those that love you.

You are enough and you deserve to have a filling holiday season and a "happy" new year<3

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