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3 Easy Things to Remember During Holiday Season

Hey #fitfam

Short and sweet again today because I know everyone is probably getting busy so I just wanted to jump on here and chat about habits and choices through the holiday season. Instead of talking about watching your portions, or avoiding the sweets, or eating directly out of the box or bag, I want to swing it in a different direction. An easy three things to try to remember each day of the season.

Staying present, staying active and drinking more water.

Staying present... The holiday time can become a stressful time. There are deadlines, there more things to do, more money to spend, less time to get these things done. With high stress and anxiety, shortens our breath and elevates our blood pressure. Higher stress can lead us to making decisions instinctively and almost, without our knowledge and consent. I might instinctively reach for that extra cookie "because it's Christmas time"... but really, it's because we are stressed, and thus, emotionally eating. These are different. Staying present and enjoying a treat is smelling it and enjoying every bite. Not horking it down and almost not even realizing that I already ate it. Oops.

Staying Active... or even push to being more active. Take a walk with the fam. Ride bikes. Challenge someone to a footrace - anytime George!!! Enjoy a good 'ol game of stand up charades... and go big! We are in a time of limited, restricted visitation of our friends and family. So the ones we are getting to see, maybe we can make more of an effort to bring activity into the mix. Make it fun, and release those endorphins!

Drinking more water... Click here for the science details but also, I find that trying to remember to drink more water helps slow me down and take care of me. If I'm constantly thinking about the food I have to make or the presents I have to get or the things I have to decorate can create a hysteria. Calming the chaos by bringing me back to the basics of drinking more water can break two sticks with one snap (vegan addition lol)

And of course, as we are focusing this month, remember to be kind to one another. Stay present enough to be kind to the triggers that arise. Stay active and drink more water to be kind to yourself and your body.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season, and a happy new year!!!!

Looking to 2021 to be the best one yet- no matter what difficulties should come up!!!

<3 Coach Kwo

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