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Because, Self Care

Hey #fitfam ! It's been a minute! Thanks for hanging in there, and it's been good to see you guys in and out of Monday Movement with me! Quick reminder, no session this coming Monday! Today, I wanted to focus on the topic of rest and self care. In the last year, I have trained really hard and am now a stunt woman! I am very proud of my hard work and progress, and I'm so excited for this new chapter of my life! But because my body has become my instrument in my job, it's m

For the Ladies, Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Hey #fitfam, coming at you a little more population-specific today! Many of my friends have had or are having babies during this time of their life. For all you new or soon-to-be mamas, this one is for you! PRENATAL EXERCISE Pregnancy can be a beautiful time. Some experience a more difficult time than others, and some love being pregnant! Exercise and a healthy, strong body, especially a strong pelvic floor, can help with an easier and stronger delivery, and post-delivery

Making Goals for the New Year

Hey #fitfam, I hope everyone's year is starting off with the best kind of bang. If you're like me, or around me, we've probably talked about goals for the new year. I think it's natural when the year is ending to reflect on it and then start fresh to move forward in the new year. And I honestly love the feeling of finishing something off and then starting something new. This year, in 2021, I have definitely thought about what I want to accomplish and what my goals are; plu

Happy New Years!!

It's 2021 #fitfam and I am pumped!! Everyone knows 2020 was a crazy tough year but I still think it's important to reflect on the year and move forward with purpose, direction, and light. Since Thanksgiving, I have been reflecting on the year and all the things I was grateful for as well as the things that I want to leave behind. I won't be too personal but I will share the prompts that I have spent time journaling. What am I most proud of last year? What challenges did I ov

3 Easy Things to Remember During Holiday Season

Hey #fitfam Short and sweet again today because I know everyone is probably getting busy so I just wanted to jump on here and chat about habits and choices through the holiday season. Instead of talking about watching your portions, or avoiding the sweets, or eating directly out of the box or bag, I want to swing it in a different direction. An easy three things to try to remember each day of the season. Staying present, staying active and drinking more water. Staying prese


Hello #fitfam! Hope everyone is having a great start to their week! I just wanted to jump on here and write about something I've been thinking about lately- Water. And also, keep up with my writing;) It's a quick one but juicy so jump right in! Have you ever noticed when the weather changes, your body feels different? Some people get headaches or stuffy noses, some people get chapped lips, some people's joints ache, etc. A change in climate or environment will always affe

Happy Thanksgiving<3

Hey #fitfam, I hope eveyone had a great Thanksgiving and holiday weekend. It seemed as though everyone was getting to a point of needing an extended weekend to be able to finish out the year strong. I know I definitely was to that point. I spent the whole weekend resting and enjoying my family. Thanksgiving is a nice and natural time to reflect on all the things we are thankful for and this year, funny enough, I think there were lots of things to be thankful for. With some

... Or Panic!

Hey #fitfam, I hope you've had a great start to your week... and if not, you should join me online on Mondays at 10am EST for a 30 minute stretch and strength session to start your week off great!!! #shamelessplug The past two weeks I have been consistently trying things that scare me a little bit... or a lotta bit. I've been trying to reflect on, become aware of, and ultimately learn to master my responses and mindset. Sometimes when I get scared or nervous, I walk around.

The Way in Which

Hey #fitfam I've been a little MIA with my writing but today I wanted to discuss something that I personally think is overlooked. The way in which we eat is important for gut health and longevity. My parents used to tell me, "No elbows on the table" and the reasoning was for etiquette purposes. However now, I think it's actually more than that. I think that creating a supportive environment for your body to digest food is one of the first things we can do to aid in good di

My Favorite Vegan Recipes

Hey #fitfam I've been getting a bunch of requests for my favorite vegan recipes or tips on how to make eating vegan easier. Eating vegan today is already so much easier because there are so many different products and brands to try! Let me first start by saying that I don't just love anything because it's vegan, so there are plenty of things that I have tried that I haven't liked... but I do get a kick out of trying different brands and comparing them! That's just to say, j

Oh I Can't Eat That

Hey #fitfam! Since the onset of COVID-19, I have been with my parents and in exchange for refuge, I have been cooking for them! Which has been (maybe) with slightly ulterior motive. I choose to be plant-based/mostly vegan, and honestly, I worry about the health of my parents so I have loved the opportunity to cook and prepare food for them. I am very close to my family and I want them to be healthy! We have a saying in our family- "Don't let that old man/woman in!" Okay,

Wait One Second

Hey #fitfam If you are a part of the newsletter, then you already know that the focus for this month is Purposeful Response. If you aren't a site member, you should definitely become one! ;) It comes after a month of keeping in mind Intention. The idea for this month is that we have intention with how we respond to things. Purposefully responding helps us protect ourselves and our energy. It also comes after the last blog post, which if you read was what happens to the bo

Stress and the Stress of It

Hey #fitfam I want to talk about something today that is overlooked and under "diagnosed". Sometimes, we see the onset of physical symptoms that "appear from seemingly no where." These symptoms may be strong or severe enough to prompt us to go to a medical doctor. Dizziness, headaches, stomach aches or abnormal bowel movements, light headedness, heartburn, neck or back pain, sexual differences like dysfunction or just lower libido, a change in appetite (either increased or

Our Most Underrated Tool

Hey #fitfam ! Hope you're off to a great start of the week! I'm really excited to get to this topic today. Today, we're talking about our most underrated tool we have as humans; and that is, Breathing. I'm partly excited because I have been passionate about this topic for a couple of years but partly for a newfound excitement I have for it! We can use breathing to help us in many ways. Aid in difficult physical pursuits. Stabilize our emotions. Mobilize our stool. Fall asle

Action Avoidance and How to Get Around It

Hey #fitfam I was on a conference call with Artist Accountability group that my sister moderates and I noticed many people, including myself, avoiding action. Truthfully, in all my years of training, I have seen this quite a bit, but it was so interesting seeing it show up in many different ways. All of the people in our group were in completely different fields and pursuing completely different goals and yet, there was a similarity. Action avoidance kept showing up. In so

You Are Doing Great

Hey #fitfam Here's a couple of things I've been thinking about during this time and I wanted to share them in hopes that it may help. First, I want to tell you that you are doing great. It's easy to be hard on ourselves right now... "I should be more productive", "I am so stressed with how much work I have", "I didn't do my exercise today", etc. So I'm here to tell you, you are doing great. Many of us have been furloughed or let go from our jobs. Many of us are now working

Garlic, Onions and Shallots

Hey #fitfam ! I hope everyone is managing their situation well and having patience with themselves and loved ones. That's what I've been focusing on in this hard time! Taking care of yourself and checking on your loved ones. Because I've had so much time, I've been cooking (and eating) a lot but I have been just loving figuring out how to put a meal together from what's in the fridge! It's making it easier to understand what I like to eat and how I structure meals, and bi


Hey #fitfam I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this crazy time. I just wanted to pop on here and mention a couple things. 1. Stay strong (and wash your hands). Breathe, "this too shall pass". WE will make it through together. 2. Stay connected with family and friends. 3. Start those things that you've been putting off. 4. Keep Exercising. Check out our youtube for exercises or

Meditation March

Hey #fitfam! Short and Quick today. If you're just joining us- welcome to the FitFam! I spent much of last year thinking about how I have been unbelievably productive in terms of tasks achieved, but struggled to identify priorities. So I structured my start to the decade to spend the year observing mindfulness... (check out more here --> This year has already been a big year in many ways. For me, I'm definitely in a transitional phase which is big and exciting but also s

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